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Harmony Studios is a solution provider, not a service provider. When it comes to acoustics, studio design/build and commercial AV integration, Harmony Studios crafts and implements solutions and experiences that are tailored to the needs of our clients and their projects.

Our first priority is to listen -

  • listen to the needs and concerns of the client
  • listen to the stakeholders involved in the project
  • listen to what didn't work previously
  • and, of course, critically listen to the space in which we will be working

We continue to listen throughout the duration of the project to make sure that we are always providing the solution that the client and the job require. If we don't hear something we need to know, we then ask the right questions to do the job right and do it best.


Communication is key.

But without intelligibility, communication is impossible.

Every space has a unique acoustic character that often needs to be tamed to allow people to understand each other and to provide the best possible experiences in that space.

Harmony Studios has the expertise to create the ideal acoustics in any space, large or small. We provide solutions for acoustically treating a space, as well as isolating, or soundproofing, spaces.


Harmony Studios is an authorized SONOPan Soundproofing Panel dealer in the US. If you need more information or are interested in receiving a quote for a SONOPan order please fill out the below form.


Recording & multimedia studios. Business offices. Sales floors. Conference and meeting rooms. Medical offices. Venues. Entertainment venues. Event spaces.

Retail stores.

These are all places where people interface and connect. All of these environments require the right technology solutions to facilitate efficiency, streamlined processes, superb experiences and, ultimately, successful businesses.

Harmony Studios asks all the right questions to provide the best AV and tech solutions for any commercial space.

And, we specialize in designing recording studios, podcast studios and multimedia studios. Get in touch with us about your studio project today.


Long over are the days of a teacher standing in front of a blackboard with a piece of chalk.

Schools and educational facilities must be equipped with the best possible technology to allow for the most effective teaching and learning, as part of the both regular curriculum as well as extra-curricular.

Harmony Studios can craft the right solution for any type of learning environment giving faculty and students the best possible chance at success.


SONOPan Quote Request Form

SONOPan Soundproofing Panels with Noise STOP Technology™

A Safe And Environment-Friendly Solution For SoundproofingExperience a soundproofing revolution with SONOPan and its groundbreaking Noise STOP Technology™. Say goodbye to unwanted noise and embrace a tranquil environment in any space. Whether it's your home, office, or commercial building, SONOPan offers a versatile and affordable solution that can double the soundproofing of any wall or ceiling assembly. Designed for both new construction and retrofit applications, SONOPan is ideal for basements, multi-dwelling buildings, offices, home theaters, bathrooms, and more.

To request a quote for a SONOPan order (quote will include product pricing and freight shipping pricing) please completely fill out and submit the form below. Complete shipping address, including ZIP code, is required in order to provide an accurate quote.


  • All SONOPan orders ship from Ohio. We DO NOT currently stock SONOPan at our Brooklyn offices. Harmony Studios can have SONOPan soundproofing sheet orders shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states of the US.
  • Due to the size of the product and freight requirements, there is a minimum requirement of SIX 4x8’ sheets (or 12 4x4’ sheets) for any order.
  • SONOPan comes standard as 4x8' sheets (3/4" thickness) but we can have the sheets pre-cut into 4x4' pieces which can sometimes lower the freight costs. Keep in mind, however, this does add the potential for more seams that need to be sealed and can add installation time.
  • All orders shipped to the state of NY will require sales tax to be collected on the order.


The first thing we do is LISTEN.


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